News · 15. juillet 2018
Britany is not a region known for its heat, but under a full set of projectors, it isn't the same story. A frozen ready meal would have burnt into a couple of minutes there. But warmth was also in the heart of people, and that's not a f**king legend!

News · 22. juin 2018
Back to the roots for a one-hour gig, in the sunny windy climate of the Fête de la Musique 2018. Feet, amps & drums on the ground... 'on the sly'-style!

News · 18. janvier 2018
Electrical atmosphere for the second of our 'Back on Track' tour, with the The X-Days. The audience and the decibels were at the rendez-vous.

News · 20. mai 2017
Had we known the bar was a biker's place, maybe we would have offered a less balanced setlist... What a success anyway!

News · 08. décembre 2016
We tried to warm everybody up yesterday with an aggressive set in a 3 band-show, in the basement of the Cavern Club of Paris, Fr.

News · 22. juin 2016
Great night in Paris, yesterday, despite a threatening weather. Four bands in a row, of different styles, and we tried so hard to reward all of our friends who came to visit us.