Lead Vocals, Guitar

Originally from the North of France, Jo grew up in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRA, in Paris area. He met Marie at school, at the age of 22.


He started to play the guitar when he was a teenager, and had several band experiences as guitarist and singer. Out of challenges, he was about to stop practicing a few months before the HGTM project rises. 


In HGTM, Tall Jo takes half of the stage, sings on almost all tracks and provides all second guitar riffs and some solos. As a singer, Jo switches between a warm deep voice and an aggressive higher one, to offer a wide range of possibilities. 


His main music influences are English rock (Muse, The Subways...) and independent rock (Jet, The Strokes...), but also Californian punk rock (Blink-182, The Offspring...). 




- Fender Stratocaster HH Mexico - white

- Godin Exit22 - Review


Credit @leplaisirdunephoto
Credit @leplaisirdunephoto