Guitar, Vocals

Bronson grew up in Nantes, FRA, and moved to Paris mid-2010 to start work. He spent several years at school with Olivier, but Paris was the place he could get closer to Jo & Marie who shared friends in common.  


The first notes on a guitar were played at the age of 14, using friend's gear on holidays. He received his first guitar in gift at 15 and started playing some punk rock chords with a schoolmates band a few months after.


He plays the guitar for HGTM, and provides some backing vocals for some songs on live performances. His digital set-up enhances the band's sound with various specific effects. 


Big fan of Californian punk rock (The Offspring, Blink 182) as a teenager, he gave more and more interest to bands with deeper ambiances or technical interest (Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden...) as he gets older. 




- Fender Stratocaster USA - Custom Shop - Gold

- Fender Telecaster Mexico custom - Black & Paisley

- Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal 2H - Neon pink

- Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 - HH - Black


FX & Amps: 

- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

- Line 6 Pod XD500x

- Line 6 Stagesource L2t

Credit @leplaisirdunephoto
Credit @leplaisirdunephoto