What's their name again?

Straight out of the darkest side of you browser's history, Hairy Granny Tranny Midget offers a vigorous and refreshing rock experience. 


Jo (Vocals, Guitar), Marie (Bass, Vocals), Bronson (Guitar, Vocals) and Olivier (Drums, Vocals) are the members of the French rock band, founded in Paris, in 2015. With strong US, British & French influences, HGTM doesn't want to imitate, it wants to open the scene to new concepts and sounds. Every guitar sound, every dress style, every personality can be brought to center stage, whatever the band name, as soon as they can generate feelings. 

Credit @leplaisirdunephoto
Credit @leplaisirdunephoto

How did they get to this?

As every single member of the group was out of musical project for a while, the opportunity to start a new band experience was given in summer 2015. Jo and Marie were both singers of the same group a few years before, whereas Bronson and Olivier use to have some opportunities to play together, back in the early 2000's. 


They started to rehearse on some covers and wanted to play the songs they like, gaining alchemy week after week. When the first concert opportunities came out, they adapted their set lists to what the audience demanded: revisited and powerful rock classics. But 2018 should be a turning point for HGTM, as the band started to record their own tracks. 


The complete name of the band is directly inspired by adult websites categories. It has been used as the title for the very first email conversation, as a joke between the band members. When they got their first gig opportunity, they were asked for their name. What name..? 


There was once a message sent to all: "OK guys, we play at 7:00 p.m., under the name "Hairy Granny Tranny Midget".